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Due to COVID-19, we are providing only curbside service at this time. Please wear a mask and do not come for a visit if you have any signs of illness or fever. Below is the protocol for our curbside procedures.

To schedule an appointment, see what your pet is due for, or request an in-hospital refill of medications or prescription diets for curbside pickup, please visit our Pet Portal at the link below.

Upon arrival, please pull into one of our numbered parking spots and call us from your vehicle to check-in whether you are arriving for an appointment or are picking up medications/food. (If one of the designated spots is unavailable, please be able to describe your location to our staff member on the phone so that we can locate you.)

If bringing a furry family member to their appointment, please make sure all dogs are secured on a leash and all cats secured in a carrier. Some pets behave well for their owners but are reluctant to go with a staff member so a safety slip lead will be placed on canine patients to prevent them from slipping out of their collar and getting injured in the parking lot. We will take your furry family member into the hospital where a doctor will perform an exam/authorized testing and will come out to speak with you at your vehicle or call you with results/treatment options depending on your location. (Exceptions to this protocol can be made for euthanasia. We can discuss euthanasia protocols when you schedule. House calls are available depending on the doctor's schedules.) Thank you for understanding that although not ideal, our protocols are to keep you and our staff healthy during this pandemic!